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Privacy Policy

in: General Topics

Author: Zhunoman

Created: 24th Jan 2022 (Edited: 25th Jan 2022)

Tags: Introductions

This site may use certain simple cookies. 


Privacy Policy

Although simple at the moment, this site might have some kind of cookies. It depends on whether the hosting company puts them on by default. The site presently does not even have any tracking (e.g. Google Analytics). The warning is more of a thing that just makes the site comply with rules.

To be perfectly honest, there really is not much at all! In other words, the developer of the site has not added cookie applications to this site.


If you are using an ad-blocker, notice that this site does not generate any little numbers for it. I could not care less if someone uses an ad-blocker, because I do not give companies an ability to put graffiti all over my site. If someone wants to sell something then they should do it blatantly. Here we go with an example:

Why not try Ad-Block Plus? It is totally free! So I do not make a penny by promoting it. It makes web-pages run faster, so technically speaking (especially considering that people make pretty much nothing from these stupid ads (because no one cares about the stupid ads that slow down a site (and no person in their right mind clicks on them purposefully))), sites should THANK you for having it on your browser (and not whine and moan about it)!

Does it ever not actually make you scratch your head, and face palm? A site is whining about the fact that I do not have any time for stupid ads, and add an app to my browser that prevents them from showing up and slowing down the site. Do you not get it silly website? I do not want them, therefore the last thing I will do is click on them. You do not gain anything from having them there on my client browser, other than that they annoy me and slow down the load time of your page!!