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My First Actual Blog (Kind of)

in: General Topics

Author: Zhunoman

Created: 1st Jan 2022 (Edited: 2nd Jan 2022)

Tags: Cats PHP Laravel

A first blog for testing the new blog site.


My First Actual Blog (Kind of)

I have now created the main blogging system with all CRUD aspects. I am using Laravel, which is a PHP framework. My former experience is with mvc.

I had a small go with CodeIgniter but found it lacking. Codeigniter is also a PHP framework but it is somewhat insufficient for my needs.

As this is my first post I must also mention that I like cats. I do not have any cats, and probably won't, but I did when I was a kid. I like other peoples' cats too, as long as there is plenty of seasoning, like tomato ketchup.