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Development of this Site

in: Programming and Web Development

Author: Zhunoman

Created: 4th Jan 2022 (Edited: 4th Jan 2022)

Tags: PHP Laravel

How this site was developed.

Development of this Site

Development in Laravel

This blog has been developed in the framework called Laravel. It uses PHP as its main language. It is also one of the (if not THE) top PHP frameworks in the world right now (as of 2022).

Could I have simply used Wordpress? Well, of course, but I like to be awkward. No, that is not the reason. I tend to prefer to develop in general web frameworks, because:

1. It gives me a chance to learn new skills

2. Use of professional frameworks is fun

3. I know exactly what has gone into the site from the ground up

4. Wordpress is a content management system, so it is potentially awkward


Chance to Learn New Skills

This is the first site I have developed using Laravel. I used to develop in MVC. MVC is a great framework, but it is Microsoft. You have to use windows servers, which cost more (there may be ways to deploy them on Linux servers these days). When you use PHP or other non-MS languages the amount of available hosting companies becomes larger. They are also cheaper.

PHP is maybe not the best language in terms of syntax and clarity. It is however something of an internet standard. Pretty much every server can handle it! It seems these days that most servers are python capable as well but I am not 100% certain on that.


Frameworks are FUN!

Yes, they can be incredibly irritating BUT, once you get to grips with them they do become easier. They also drastically speed up development. There are a few to choose from and they are all pretty fun to learn. So far I have tried:

1. CodeIgniter

2. Ruby on Rails

3. Zend

I have also gained a level of proficiency in:

1. Laravel



Laravel vs. other Frameworks is very sophisticated, but part of that is because you have certain elements incorporated into the IDE. You can scaffold huge parts of the site with the click of a button (almost). Remember also that Microsoft OWNS each individual part: the language (C#/ VB), the IDE (Visual Studio), the framework and the database (SQLserver)! 

Laravel, in comparison means less scaffolding. Also, Laravel does not have any jurisdiction over PHP or the databases it uses (I prefer MySql). This means it can be somewhat awkward compared to using ASP.NET. You have to pick the IDE. I think it would be pretty ridiculous to not use Visual Studio for ASP.NET! Laravel on the other hand means hunting around for your favourite IDE.


The Hunt for the Best IDE

To date I have used various IDEs with varying levels of success. My favourite so far is (except for Visual Studio), hands down, Atom. Others I have tried include:

1. Netbeans

2. Komodo

3. Visual Studio Code