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About Zhuno

in: General Topics

Author: Zhunoman

Created: 1st Jan 2022 (Edited: 16th Jan 2022)

Tags: Cats Randomness Introductions Education

Zhuno is a blog site for Zhunoman.

About Zhuno

About Me Zhunoman

I am just a person. I write blogs. You may find them interesting, or useful, but I cannot guarantee that!

It may be against good advice but, yes, this is a very general blog. It is not about one topic. I know already that we should focus on one thing, but... whateva! I do not even expect people to read this anyway. It is not a waste of time for me; it is the journey that counts. I am not so much a means-to-an-end type person.

Because this is the internet, I will tend to avoid providing personal information. I am Zhunoman; that is my nickname. In all honesty I do not see any good reason to give out anything else. I may divulge some information in blogs, but I will almost certainly regret it later.

My skills and areas of interest include (with varying levels of capability):

1. Web development and programming

2. Science

3. Spiritual stuff

4. Mental Health

5. Semantics and Linguistics

*above list is subject to change

The Basics

Essentially, I am just writing this blog because I have free time to do so. Maybe, barely anyone will read it (maybe no one except me!) 

Hopefully, I am tactful. I will at least try to be. So maybe I might be a bit boring... we will see. Oh, and by the way, I like cats (even though I do not have any).

A Little Bit about Me

My major is in computer science. I am a full stack developer. I am proficient with C# and PHP. I have used most of the well known languages, but with those 2, I have the most experience.  I have used ASP.NET MVC extensively, but I decided to move over to non-MS languages. This site is made using Laravel, a PHP framework.


Work in Progress

As it stands at the moment (start of 2022) this website is a work in progress. Various different changes will be made so it may suddenly look unfamiliar. I will try to keep the layout simple though. I apologize if there is the odd bit of dev stuff to be found. I will try to avoid leaving it in the site.